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Are you seeking a keynote that delivers scientific evidence in a light way?

A wellbeing campaign that includes nutrition, sleep, exercise,  & stress reduction?

Or an online program that you can rollout to employees in house or in remote locations? 

An investment in the health of your employees is money well spent.  A Nutritional Wellbeing program from A Healthy View can result in greater staff retention,  improved health and engagement of your key people.  See our hundred’s of corporate testimonials.

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Caring For Your People

Prevention is not only cheaper than a cure but today’s employers want to show they have a culture of caring for their staff beyond salary alone. An Australian study by Medibank Private revealed that healthy employees are three times more productive than their unhealthy counterparts (May 2009).

We at A Healthy View know that while health and wellness is a serious business, being bored by it can be a turnoff. Our speaking engagements are as entertaining as they are educational, and it is this combination that makes them memorable and impactful, ensuring they improve personal and business performance alike.

In a New York Times article “ What Doctors Don’t Know About Nutrition”, the closing line sums up the wishes of today’s GP “Added Dr. Chauncey:

“You can’t just keep writing out script after script after script of new medications when diet is just as important as drugs or any other treatment a patient may be using.”

Why Michele?

Michele Chevalley Hedge, founder of A Healthy View Pty. Ltd. is a Nutritionist, health writer and corporate speaker. Michele would like to share her knowledge with your company’s employees. Michele’s workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of your unique organisation. Michele’s corporate clients include but are not limited to Westpac, HSBC, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Apple Corporation, YPO, Royal Australian Navy, and any of her clients are happy to provide a testimonial on behalf of her ability to present serious topics of health into light hearted, yet educational seminars.

Michele’s current book, Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies, has just been released. Michele can often be found on the radio, corporates, television or schools speaking passionately about Nutrition as Preventative Medicine.

Presenteeism or Absenteeism?

Reducing the impact of “Presenteeism” can create healthier employees and improve your business’s bottom line. Presenteeism is the loss of productivity that occurs when employees come to work, but aren’t fully functioning because of an illness or injury. When compared to absenteeism, presenteeism is considerably less visible in the work place.

A Healthy View acknowledges that we are all busier than ever, leaving us with little time for thinking about the foundation of our good health: our nutrition.

Individually Tailored To Suit Your Organisation

Our Corporate Health Programs are individually tailor to suit the needs your organisation. We can include the following :

  • Individual Health Assessments
  • Nutritional Workshops Topics
  • Cooking, Eating and Enjoying: hands on cooking demonstrations

Presentation Topics

Expand the topics below by clicking on them for a full description of the topics Michele covers.

Healthy, Lean Body, Energy, and Improved Productivity- It’s all in YOUR Food

Life is busy… building a career, juggling family, working long hours, trying to stay fit, and it is even tricky fitting in a social life! Everyone wants to be healthy but they do not want an extreme diet, a costly approach, or to be preached at. Interesting research is unveiling how quality nutrition can not only improve our physical body, energy and sleep but also our brain function, memory, and moods.
Media personality, author, nutritionist and founder of ‘A Healthy View’, Michele Chevalley Hedge, explores NON extreme, sustainable changes in our eating habits. Michele is formerly a Microsoft Marketing Manager and understand life a working, travelling employee who likes a bit of wine and coffee. Michele will discuss current health issues and serious topics in a light, humorous fashion. Michele speaks on behalf of the World Health Organisation, Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador, Cure Cancer Ambassador, Heart Research Ambassador, and was recently announced as practitioner of the Year by her industry body, The Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

At the conclusion of this presentation attendees will be able to
• Understand the relationship between food, mood, energy and sleep and its impact on productivity.
• Identify the key nutritional factors in a person’s daily routine than impact their physical and mental health-brain clarity, hormones, moods, immune system, weight, energy to exercise.
• Identify how stress – even without sugar, can manifest the same physical symptoms on the body and how to modify their risk factors.

Brain Clarity and Mental Health: 10 ways to eat yourself to a fired up brain

Mental Health Awareness is in the month of October and every corporate should assist their employees become mentally healthy. This presentation focuses on the silent epidemic of mental health. Brain fog, ADHD, Autism, anxiety, depression , early onset dementia, Alzheimer’s , Parkinson’s are all health conditions that are on the rise here in Australia. Our epidemic of ‘brain burn out’ shows up in many different forms yet the reality is there is ONE medically researched answer that is underpinning of all of them – nutrition.

Executive Nutritional Power

Senior Manager, CEO, Chairman of the Board; you all have that something special that has allowed you the privilege of being at the top of your professional game.
How do you stay there physically, mentally and emotionally? You can hire the best personal trainer, the best meditation teacher or the best psychologist but if you don’t underpin all aspects of your health with quality nutrition you will miss out on true personal satisfaction and the chance of remaining at the top of your game for the long haul.
Are you over 50? How many people do you observe that lack energy, are on anti-cholesterol medication, blood pressure medication, take sleeping pills, are battling weight or worse yet, have a cardio vascular or cancer issue?
Don’t wait to seek a ‘cure’  for an illness. Let me walk you through ‘wellness insurance’ – preventative nutritional advice for busy, mentally active executives. The alternative cost and risk of not paying attention to this important area of your life is incredibly high –  Steve Jobs, Kerry Packer and others ‘had it all’ but their joy was cut short. Both would have liked more time to support their health before their serious illness hit.
Invest 75 minutes with us in your boardroom and see how to make living well easy.

Eating Your Way to Peak Performance

Managing Stress through Diet and Nutrition
Too busy to eat? Off to a meeting? Have a deadline? We understand. Here at A Healthy View, we are Nutritionists, (Adv. Dip of Nutritional Medicine, Australia Traditional Medicine Society) who formally worked corporate sectors. We get it. We discuss strategies, how to make your meals and exercise from Monday to Friday, work for you. What to reach for when you want the extra coffee or sugar snack and why you want those. We discuss the importance of our certain vitamins and minerals and what vitamins get depleted from stress. Stress in an unavoidable part of life but should affect your health or your performance. This seminar will offer nutritional strategies to condition your body so it can deal with life’s daily stress.

Vitality, Energy, and Wellness: It's All in Your Food

Michele Chevalley Hedge is a nutritionist, author and presenter. She loves food & families. Michele has three growing, hungry teenagers, a busy husband and is the founder of A Healthy View. She understands ‘busy’ and knows what families need- easy, simple and tasty ideas and knowledge to underpin a family’s wellness. Michele will deliver a light hearted one hour presentation including the following:

  • Current unhappy and unhealthy health trends
  • Nutritional truths- the good , the bad and the scary
  • How to get it right in the Real world without extremes

Our conversation will also include the impact of hidden sugar and why Michele has been asked by the World Health Organization to speak on sugar and cancer.  It will also include label reading and nutritional awareness that everyone can incorporate and integrate within their own family.

Women's and Men's Health

New Year, New You.

2017 Your Year for Thriving not Surviving.

This 60 minute session discusses the top  health conditions effecting women’s health and men’s health:

  • Weight and Slow Metabolism
  • Rapid Ageing and Oxidation
  • Damaging Inflammation

Join Michele Chevalley Hedge, from A Healthy View to find out how you can eat your way to:

  • ageing gracefully inside and out
  • balancing stress hormones
  • dampening inflammation
  • increasing your metabolism
  • restoring energy and vitality at work and at play
Hearth Health

Is your diet healthy for your Heart?

A nutritional approach to preventing cardiovascular diseases and its risk factors like high blood pressure, high insulin levels and high cholesterol can put you on the road to a drug free, all natural path of preventative wellness. Let’s look at some of the evidence based research around nutrition and heart health.

Please join Michele Chevalley Hedge, from A Healthy View and walk away from this one hour workshop with “five easy to integrate tips into your life’ tips to optimise your health, energy levels, and overall wellbeing.

Each session will allow for 15 minute question and answer time.  Each presentation time can be varied according to your corporations requirements. Handouts and a healthy snack as well as recipes are also included. Please note for each Workshop there is a Part I and Part II for those corporates who would like to take it up a notch and deliver additional nutritional depth to their employees.

Contact Michele Chevalley Hedge to discuss a Corporate Wellness program for your company here.


We were thrilled to have Michele, with all her boundless energy, come and address our senior leadership team. Her eye-opening talk on “Energy, Productivity & Mental Resilience- It’s all in Your Food” was insightful, motivating and empowering for us all.

Susan Massasso Global Chief Marketing Officer The a2 Milk Company

Michele, thank you for your wonderful presentation at Department of Defence. The presentation was fun, engaging and inspirational and it got EVERYONE talking about sugar and the importance of healthy eating, which is what it's all about... my team and I have already made changes. Thank you again for providing this crucial information in such a personable and enjoyable way, while still being direct and "telling it how it is!"

Susan Howieson Department of Defence

Michele’s style creates a wonderfully inspiring and authentic connection with the audiences she shares her messages of nutrition with. She creates simple messages that resonate with children and adults, turning empirical data into practical daily actions. Changing behavioral patterns is the key to positive mental and physical health, and Michele ignites a conversation that empowers people to make true change without fuss, and I have personally experienced just how easy it has been to sustain this conversation and personal choices as part of our daily family routine.

Jane Weir Head of Human Resources Westpac

Michele Chevalley Hedge is the consultant nutritionist on the Novotel and Mercure conference menus. The meal choices were all made with clean, whole food ingredients using only natural sugar or low sugar choices that are only not only delicious but give delegates the ability to maintain concentration for an entire meeting. Michele’s recommendations of what meals to serve and when really ensure everyone is able to contribute to the meeting agenda at their optimum level without a sugar high or sugar low. Michele’s contribution to the Mindful Meetings By Mercure Hotels menu can be found at

Emily Hoare Brand manager Accor Hotel group

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation on Wednesday, you were very inspiring. In fact, I have been checking out the sugar content on my cereal packages and telling others how to read the labels – so well done you! Many of the people who attended were very engaged by the whole event. Thank you so much for your generous gift of your time and expertise.

Nicci Dent CEO, Heart Research Australia

With our continued focus on Strength of mind and well-being we will definitely be looking for opportunities to further leverage A healthy View in the Future!

Amanda Matehaere Head of Markets| Human Resources, Westpac Institutional Bank

Michele presented in conjunction with AMP emphasising the role and importance of a healthy lifestyle in reducing the risk to our clients of them realising their idea of financial freedom. It was passionate, knowledgeable and motivational. The food was excellent and dispelled many of thoughts that healthy is "boring and tasteless" At the conclusion of an entertaining evening everyone felt inspired with a fresh approach for a healthier lifestyle.

Louise Shand Administration Manager, Hillross

Michele Chevalley Hedge was invited to speak at the Women in Focus conference, 2014. Her modern day approach to nutrition was well received by participants as she shared her expertise in a light, accessible and interesting way.

Lauren Palmer Women in Focus, Commonwealth Bank

Michele's healthy view on nutrition was a hit at Meeting on The Green this year. The feedback was overwhelming…even people who played golf and didn't attend her session were lining up to get her book. She really understands busy, working corporate people and how to educate on the benefits of nutrition in a light hearted yet important way. I would not hesitate on recommending Michele to any conference planner looking for a powerful, real take home message.

Donna Kessler Managing Director at Tourism Portfolio

Corporate life and working in retail property is busy and requires us to have sustained energy & clear focus at all time. Michele presented to our senior female executives, who all took something practical away with them. Michele provides humour into serious health topics and understands that we need an achievable nutrition plan, not an extreme approach. Our team LOVED the entire presentation and are all reading nutritional fact tables and thinking more about their food choices.

Alison Flemming GM Operations Finance, Westfield, Scentre Group


Michele’s Book: Beating Sugar Addiction For Dummies

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