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I lost weight and ‘busy-itis’ on my holiday.

Has this ever happened to you?  Have you left for your long planned holiday chubbier than what you would have liked?  You had the best intentions of losing weight, feeling lean, and sporting flat tummy the month before you left. You intended to eat clean and light, but instead you were flat out, tidying up lose end so you could go away for 10 days with your partner.  As you step onto the plane and catch a glimpse of yourself you think to yourself “wow I really do need a holiday, I am chubby, tired and bloated” but with the greatest determination you succumb to real life-your real life – a busy life – full of work, children, laundry, a messy home, a rascal dog. You take a deep breath tell yourself the quote you just saw on Instagram – don’t waste 95% of your life to lose 5% of your weight! You’re just glad that you made it onto the plane for your trip and try not to overthink it.

And then unusual nutrition happens! You return after your weeks holiday, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the long window before boarding – there you are feeling lean, energised and you can see a glimmer of a waist line. You have had a fabulous holiday because you didn’t beat yourself up; you ate well, laughed a lot, and even drank more wine than usual. You were not in your usual state of busyness – and you lost a couple of kilos without even thinking about it.

What did you change? Busy-itis. You were not setting your alarm, rushing for your coffee, barreling into a spin class all before 7am so you could get home to say goodbye to the kids before you set off for your office for your 9am quarterly meeting. If that doesn’t sound like you and your not physically stressed out, maybe it is all going on inside your head? Your calm exterior doesn’t give anyone hint of endless monkey chatter of things to do, parents, siblings, and others to help, debilitating anxiety about anything that comes into your vortex.

So what does busy-ness have to do with weight?

When we are in a constant state of stress, our adrenals are turned on for longer than we actually need. Adrenals are wonderful powerhouses give us our cortisol which gets your glucose pumping.  The glucose is delivered to the cell and provided that the cell’s insulin receptor is open and receptive the glucose goes in and is used for energy.  Think of this receptor like a slide- sliding glucose into our cells.  Our bodies are wonderful until we push them over the edge and damage the slide.  If our cell is constantly getting glucose from adrenals, stress and cortisol overload, the insulin receptor gets annoyed and begins to close up, leaving glucose outside the cell, create blood sugar and insulin chaos.  This chaos makes us chubby tired and bloated.

Really?  I thought that is what happened from poor food choices, especially hidden sugars?

Exactly.  This is what happens from poor food choices but it also happens from too much stress – the same biochemistry chaos that makes us gain weight.  And what happens most days to most of us we have the volcano of both – stress and food – creating insulin resistance. Insulin is our fat storage hormone. We want to be kind to it and if you’re a stressed and addicted to ‘cortisol and chaos’ here are five ways to lose weight even on your holiday.

Five ways to lose weight on your holiday

  1. Sleep more – weight gain and poor sleep are very much linked. You’re on holidays – have a wee little nap without feeling guilty. Think of it as beauty sleep!
  2. Nourish yourself deeply – turn the music on and ask your partner for a massage and promise your will return the favour. Music, massage, sex, reading or whatever makes you feel a deep sense of peace will lower your cortisol.
  3. More sunshine – research show those with higher vitamin d level improve their immune status, bone strength, and metabolic weight more effectively.
  4. Laugh – when the stress hormone cortisol isn’t in chaos, we have the ability to use our happy hormone, serotonin more.
  5. Sit less – most of us are sitting too much at work, this also is affecting our insulin levels, move about and enjoy being desk-less. Walking and biking is a great way to see your new holiday surroundings. Incidental calorie burning from movement is not only good for the waist but for a happy mind as well.


The philosophy at A Healthy View (www.ahealthyview.com) is simple – no fads, no extremes, just good health. We see patients around the world from school kids to busy mums and corporate business leaders. We are bringing back the love of food to allow for greater physical and mental wellbeing.

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