What to Expect in Fertility & Pregnancy Lifestyle

All the recipes I provide you with are designed to be exciting, easy, healthy and tasty. The recipes are also planned to be economical, so you are not wasting money or time shopping. This is what your a week in the Fertility & Pregnancy Lifestyle program looks like:


On Friday you will receive your meal plan and recipes for the coming week.


Saturdays are for planning and shopping.


Sundays are preparation days and you will also receive a light, educational 5 minute video to enjoy.


On ‘Meatless Monday’s’ you will receive a fish or vegetarian dish option.

Every Day

You’ll receive a daily bite, an easy to digest nutritional bite in an email.

Cook Once, Eat Twice

This benefits you in so many ways!
If you purchased this program I can assume you have ‘busy-itis’. We all lead very busy lifestyles. We highly recommend using the ‘Cook Once, Eat Twice’ section of your recipe (do not forget to double the ingredients though!

Recipe Layout

I have designed your recipes to provide you with a wide variety of nutrients, maximising your time, effort and shopping dollars. You will also notice each recipe includes tags to indicate if it aligns with any specific dietary requirements.

You’ll see tags underneath the main recipe image indicating if it is:

  • Gluten Free
  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

The Fertility & Pregnancy Lifestyle Recipes


Beginning the day with a nutrient dense breakfast protects us from brain fog, energy dips and unbalanced moods. These breakfasts are quick to prepare, light and fun foods. Medical research states that adults who eat breakfast thrive with energy, not just survive.
There are four options, I recommend you mix it up on alternate days, for example use option one on Monday and Wednesday and option two on Tuesday and Thursday. And who doesn’t want hotcakes on Sunday!


A planned lunch is the best lunch.
Why? Because finding something nourishing in your school canteen or within walking distance of the office is often difficult and expensive! Here are some easy lunches, but don’t forget my personal recommendation, which is to use the dinner recipes to ‘cook once and eat twice’ (there’s ideas in each dinner recipe on how to best do this).
Great for the busy person who knows our brains need fuel to get through those afternoon slumps.


You’ll notice we’ve given you a few more options for your weekly dinner plan, with a total of 10 to choose from. This is because dinner is often the most well planned meal of the day, and can offer a chance for the family to come together. Eating, talking and enjoying – now that is what I consider to be nourishment on all levels!

Each of our dinners is created with our ‘cook once eat twice’ philosophy in mind, so you can use the extras for lunch the next day.

Additional Dinners

I understand that life is hectic, and some times you won’t have a certain ingredient, will have a fussy eater in the house, or simply don’t feel like a certain food. Here are some dinner alternatives.


The delicious snack recipes will make your mouth water, your tastebuds dance and your immune system fire up. They are full of vitamins, great brain fats and blood sugar balancing protein.


Welcome Pack
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Have a look at the welcome pack and some of the key articles below. Don't worry if you are feeling overwhelmed, it can be a lot to take in. Just start where you feel comfortable and don't forget, if you have any questions at any time contact us at info@ahealthyview.com

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