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Holiday Brain Fog & Stress

This is not pseudo science…Our stress hormone cortisol can actually shrink parts of your brain! It affects the amygdala – the part responsible for emotions and memory – and the prefrontal cortex – needed for planning complex cognitive behaviours, personality expression, decision making, and moderating social behaviours.

Inflammation is present whenever there is a health concern and really affects our brain and energy. However, to really allow the body to heal, we must discover what is driving the inflammation.

Be conscious of these drivers of inflammation- food intolerances, chronic infections, drugs, stress, toxin exposure, sugar and high carb diets!

Awareness is key… not deprivation but nourishment. Do you have any of these?

Wired and tired
Quick to anger – irritable
Crave carbs and sugar
Mid afternoon energy crash
Weight gain or weight loss
Anxiety or depression
Menstrual irregularities
Hot flushing
Brain fog and memory blanks
Digestive upset – constipated, loose or both

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