Cleanse & Nourish At Home

Retaining Water? Waist Getting Thick? Brain Fogged? If you haven’t been able to get away to do a Cleanse & Nourish Retreat, why not try one of our Cleanse & Nourish at home programs. Note the word cleanse – not detox – not stripped back – not strict. Note the word nourish – being kind to yourself – adding food into your life – enjoying quality food – losing weight and toxins with nourishment.

Cleanse & Nourish (not Detox!) from your own home?

Yes, you can safely detox and make some nutritional change while you are working, living, and running a busy life.

Did you know that medical research proves that when a person is making nutritional changes the support structure of a small group yields greater weight loss and permanent change than any other single component of change! Our small groups have a 100% success rate with over 62% of our cleaners coming back a second time!

Michele Chevalley Hedge will provide, guide and educate you through a cleansing experience from your own home. While you cleanse & nourish in your own home, you will be supported in four group workshops. If you do not live in Sydney we can arrange a “Skypecleansing” Skyping from your home to my office.

Michele will host a maximum of 10 people in our Mosman Clinic on four consecutive weeks. This makes cleansing, debloating, and defogging easy for you to do inside your own home. Michele will ensure that everything you will learn and use is easy – so easy it becomes a habit – and this habit then has a flow on effect to your family.

You will be on daily email communication with Michele and have unlimited access for questions about your personal nutritional requirements.

Michele will provide all the material and knowledge and food combining information you will need to follow a cleanse and detox experience. You don’t need to buy pre-made food from some detox food supplier… But you need to know how to make your own for the future of your own health and your family’s health!

We will meet four times throughout the Cleanse in the Mosman Clinic. In clinic, you will have the opportunity weekly to have your weight, cellular hydration, bone density, fat percentage, muscle mass measured with our specialised bio-impedance scales.

* Many health funds will rebate these four visits.

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Just a quick note to thank you for your encouragement and support during the cleanse. I have learned so much about my body and how it works and now have a completely changed mindset about the food I put into my mouth. I also appreciate the thoroughness that you demonstrated with Blood tests, recommendations for Supplements and handy hints to help stay on track. Even though it was a group, it felt that I was getting lots of personal attention. A final extra bonus was the weight loss!

Joan Flatt

I Learned So Much… If I never do another cleanse or nutrition workshop I will remember this forever. AMAZING – much more than I expected from all angles – I feel touched physically, psychologically and spiritually- stronger.

Faye Marwick Property Developer, age 59, Bathurst NSW

Wow… Cleanse & Nourish Retreats or the At Home Program makes me feel renewed, refreshed and re balanced. My skin, my mood, my weight and everything feels so good after I do one of these programs —that is why I have done 7 of them! And will continue to make them part of my life’s routine.

Jacquie Randall President, School Nurses Association of NSW

When I started cleanse and nourish I was feeling lethargic and bloated. Although not a ‘bad’ eater I knew that what I ate contributed to my less than ideal state of being. When I finished cleanse and nourish I felt energised and lighter, and my hormones were much more stable, freeing me from a disabling monthly migraine. I can’t tell you how much better I feel, how much I learnt, and how enjoyable it was going through this journey with Michele.

Chris Clegg Busy mother of three teenagers, Seaforth, NSW

“Michele, 10! and I am not just being kind.”

Gemma Sutherland Editor of Body & Soul – Australia’s leading Health Guide

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