Wholefood Cooking Classes

Whole food for slender bodies! This is a whole food cooking class with a nutritional twist. It is like a nutritional consult whilst eating and enjoying whole food dishes. We will discuss what nutrients support the immune system, build lean muscle and satisfy you for maximum energy and wellbeing. We will prepare some nibbles, warming soup for entrée, tasty fish dish and a low sugar dessert. Simple nutritious meals that you and your family will love!
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Healthy Food Cooking Classes In Sydney

Michele is so certain that you will enjoy this class that she offers a money back guarantee. Our Sydney Cooking Classes, held at Wollstonecraft, have a maximum of 12 guests to ensure personal attention from whole foods cook & Nutritionist, (Adv. Dip of Nutritional Medicine, Australia Traditional Medicine Society) Sara Millikin and Simone Kopkas.  Your three hour workshop will include whole food scrumptious dishes that incorporate foods that help us be in our best physical, mental, and emotional body. We will make food that is sustaining and nutrient dense but not calorie dense. Not only will you learn about making a nutritious meal but you will learn why these ingredients are essential to our moods, hormones, vitality and sex appeal. The benefits of eating this way include: easy reduced sugar cravings, an improvement in behavioural issues, natural weight loss, increased satisfaction, hormone regulation. Please arrive on time – you don’t want to miss out on any of it!

Good Will Policy:

We are happy for you to gift the class to someone if you cannot make it on the day, simply email their name, email and phone. We hope you understand that when we get to a set limit, where we can offer YOU personal information, we are holding a waitlist for others who would like to attend. We look forward to seeing you at another class but cannot refund your space as we are a unique, personalised nutritional service at any time for your convenience.

Why Michele?

Michele Chevalley Hedge, is the founder of A Healthy View.  She is a nutritional medicine practitioner, international wellbeing author, and a well sought after professional speaker.  As a former teacher, mother, with formal studies in both nutrition and positive psychology, Michele delivers realistic, sensible approaches to wellbeing that include science and humour.  Her ability to connect to CEOs, teachers, world politicians or simply our students can be felt not only at live events but through her unique, easy to embrace, webinar platform.

Michele’s presents around the globe and some of her clients include IPEN, PESA, and  the Department of Education, NSW Primary Principals, Association of Independent Schools, Alliance of Girls' School and many more.


I Learned So Much… If I never do another cleanse or nutrition workshop I will remember this forever. AMAZING – much more than I expected from all angles – I feel touched physically, psychologically and spiritually- stronger.

Faye Marwick Property Developer, age 59, Bathurst NSW

Wow… Cleanse & Nourish Retreats or the At Home Program makes me feel renewed, refreshed and re balanced. My skin, my mood, my weight and everything feels so good after I do one of these programs —that is why I have done 7 of them! And will continue to make them part of my life’s routine.

Jacquie Randall

When I started cleanse and nourish I was feeling lethargic and bloated. Although not a ‘bad’ eater I knew that what I ate contributed to my less than ideal state of being. When I finished cleanse and nourish I felt energised and lighter, and my hormones were much more stable, freeing me from a disabling monthly migraine. I can’t tell you how much better I feel, how much I learnt, and how enjoyable it was going through this journey with Michele.

Chris Clegg Busy mother of three teenagers, Seaforth, NSW

As a middle aged women with a busy business and a family at home, I decided it was time to restore myself to good health and a good weight. From A Healthy View I learnt how to cook, what to cook, what combinations to cook and the weight fell off me, my physical body hasn’t look so good in years, and my emotional and mental body have benefitted (that was a by product that I didn’t anticipate! Balanced hormones finally! ) Finally Nutritional Medicine Practitioners who know modern day living and how to get the most out of life with quality nutrition. Thank you.

Linda Gribble 45 - Business Owner and mother of 3 teenagers

“The Retreats (at home and at Byron) were perfect for me! Great information, delicious food, lovely people, beautiful location. It had ‘head, heart and soul’ which is the perfect combination Michele brings to her work and supported me in what has been a life changing experience over the past 4 months. Coincided with finally coming out of grief and nurturing myself again. 15kgs lighter and full of energy at last. Thank you!

Linda Komesaroff Chocolatier at Wild Patch Chocolates

Michele- you have my family shining! We all gained from you! Well my husband and I lost- weight that is! And my 12, 14 and 18 enjoyed every recipe and now they are cooking for David and I ! Energy and concentration has improved much more than I thought. Thank you!

Lisa Maria Smith Nurse, wife and mum – Mosman NSW

Thank you Michele for having such a great day yesterday with Holly Davis cooking us A Winter Dinner Party Meal that we can easily now do in our own homes… delicious. Holly is wonderful and you are so educational … your nutritional tidbits just add the bonus that one normally doesn’t get on a cooking class. You two are quite the team and it shows.”

Julie Kearns Sports enthusiast and mother of 4

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To find out more about our Wholefood Cooking Classes and see when the next class is please get in touch at info@ahealthyview.com

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