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Wanting to make a change but unsure where to begin? Our programs are designed for the busy parent, as a way to bring good nutrition into your home, without all the fuss. We offer a range of programs to help you wade through all the confusing nutritional advice out there. Our programs are not extreme, we do not cut out food groups or make you go hungry. We are business owners, parents & nutritionists and we understand your health concerns. We offer a simple, real-food approach that will have you and your family looking better, feeling leaner and having so much more energy and less illness.

Our Programs

Low Sugar Lifestyle Program

Low Sugar Lifestyle

A fuss-free, family-friendly 28 day program to a lower sugar way of life.
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Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Wellness

Invest in the health of your employees and your business.
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Fertility and Pregnancy Lifestyle Program

Fertility & Pregnancy Lifestyle

Health and nutrition for those trying to get pregnant.
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Cleanse and Nourish

Cleanse & Nourish

Gentle, whole food based detoxification retreats.
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Wholefood Cooking Classes

Wholefood Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook delicious, nourishing, whole food recipes.
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School Programs

School Programs

Nutrition for teens – Michele’s speciality!
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If you’d like to work together, please reach out.
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1:1 Consultations

1:1 Consultations

Individual consultations for your unique needs.
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Low Sugar Lifestyle

A 28 Day online program to a lower sugar way of life. Designed by a qualified nutritionist for the busy family.
Easy to follow, easy to get your family on board with, and a non-extreme approach. Recipes, personal guidance and evidence-based nutritional truths.

See what others have to say about their experience with Low Sugar Lifestyle and find out when the next round starts.

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Can’t find nut butter in your supermarket? Need some ideas for an ingredient switch out? Want to meet up with other mums in your area? Join our community of people like you, on the path to better health for themselves and their families. You’ll find a heap of lovely helpful people who are an ever inspiring source of information and tips to help you on your way.



Michele, thank you for your wonderful presentation at Department of Defence. The presentation was fun, engaging and inspirational and it got EVERYONE talking about sugar and the importance of healthy eating, which is what it's all about... my team and I have already made changes. Thank you again for providing this crucial information in such a personable and enjoyable way, while still being direct and "telling it how it is!"

Susan Howieson Department of Defence

One sign of an effective inspiring presenter is evident in the number of students who remain behind to ask questions (even during their lunch break!). It was great to hear the girls chat about the challenges you posed, buzz about the role nutrition will play in successfully negotiating the pressures of their HSC year ahead and, from what I hear, pass on new pearls of wisdom to their mothers. These are the marks of learning and engagement, thank you Michele.

Jo Bleby Loreto Kirribilli

Michele spoke to the Heads of Independent Schools of NSW and the ACT at their quarterly conference. Her presentation was energetic, dynamic and transformational. Her messages were practical, insightful and readily able to be implemented in our busy lives. Michele was inspiring & motivating!

Paul Teys President of Heads of Schools NSW/ACT

I approached Michele Chevalley Hedge at A Healthy View after watching her speak at several other educational events earlier in the year and I hoped she would be available to address the delegates at The School Nurses Association Michele spoke to us about Vitality, Energy and Balancing Hormones available from the food we choose to eat and the need to reduce the sugar intake in our daily diet. Michele is energetic, vital and a living example of the end result of a well-balanced diet and lifestyle. She inspired us with her motivation and encouraged all to make healthy choices and project this message to the students in our care. Nurses commented that Michele was invigorating and encouraging. Her presentation was entertaining and interesting providing useful strategies for delegates and those under their care.

Britta Crozier President, School Nurses Association of NSW

“Michele, 10! and I am not just being kind.”

Gemma Sutherland Editor of Body & Soul – Australia’s leading Health Guide

Michele Chevalley Hedge was invited to speak at the Women in Focus conference, 2014. Her modern day approach to nutrition was well received by participants as she shared her expertise in a light, accessible and interesting way.

Lauren Palmer Women in Focus, Commonwealth Bank

About Michele

There may be many wellness practitioners stepping into the space of health and food but there are not many Nutritionists that come from the corporate, busy background, have three kids and really can understand the modern day persons requirements for health, happy hormones, a firing libido and vitality.

Due to Michele’s former role as a Marketing Manager she truly understands the needs of a busy, time poor corporate executive who, family or not, wants health but not hassle. She is often introduced by the editors of health magazines as “the modern day nutritionist – the one who likes a bit of wine and coffee.” She is not Paleo Pete or I Quit Sugar but perfectly placed somewhere in the healthy middle.

Michele’s clinical practice and experience allow her to share stories of patients and their nutritional transformation that gives the audience goose bumps – the kinds of stories that can only be heard if you are at the ‘coal face’ with clients. Women who say their addiction to food caused their divorce, executives who say they don’t like going to the boardroom without my five top tips, and politicians and their families who come to her wellness retreats. Wiley Publishing commissioned Michele to write Beating Sugar Addictions for Dummies two years ago. When she asked why they chose her, Wiley replied because of her well known evidence based research skills, ability to take a medical issue and turn it into simple concepts, use of humour around delicate matters, tv presenting on the World Health Organisation new recommendation of sugar, and Sarah Wilson, I Quit Sugar, recommend her!

People and life are busy, but the desire for a lean body, clear mind and happy hormones are on the rise. Michele is a sought after presenter because she is authentic and connects to people who desire knowledge, but not in an overwhelming jargon filled way or a fad diet. Michele works with major banks in Australia – Westpac, CBA, ANZ, HSBC, and major internationals like Apple,, MFAA, Women in Focus, ACCOR, Westfield, Department of Defence, Tourism Portfolio, Heart Research Australia, Cure Cancer and schools and education events weekly. She is the Keynote speaker for the Heads of Schools of Australia, coming up in April. Michele is actively involved with Jame Oliver’s Food Revolution Team and was also on the expert panel for the roll out of THAT SUGAR FILM.

When Michele is not out speaking, writing or seeing patients, she can often be found at her cafe, The Balmoral Boatshed. It is the perfect spot for filming, interviewing, or just enjoying a glass of wine (which she can tell you ways it will reduce your cortisol and lead to a calmer, happier and perhaps leaner person)! Michele is the Nature Care College Ambassador and Accor Group Nutritionist and most recently, sat alongside the Dalai Lama at a conference where she presented on ‘Vitality, Energy and Serotonin – It’s all in Your Food’. Mental health and nutrition research is her passion and she often declares “It makes the New Yorker come out in her.”

Michele loves to write, so along with her blog and social media, she writes often for Body & Soul, Huffington Post, Mama Mia, The Glow, Prevention, Wellbeing, Clean, Cosmo, MindFood and many more. Her second book, ‘Hormone Help- reset your weight, mood, libido & energy in 4 weeks’ will be out at the end of this year. Michele often appears on The Sunrise Show to discuss the World Health Organisation recommendation on nutrition, cancer and sugar.

Michele’s business, A Healthy View, expanded to New York and the US last year with the addition of her online programs.

Passionate, authentic and knowledgeable, Michele has several degrees and a diploma of Nutritional Medicine and is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. She is not a food blogger, not a health coach, and not skinny – she is an educator, storyteller, and real, very real. People love her. She is the mother of ‘three hungry teenagers, a busy husband, a messy home and a really dumb dog.”

Michele’s own personal life often weaves her true stories into engagements. Her own adrenal fatigue after her younger brother died from toxic fumes and lung cancer from being a fireman on 9-11 only last year. Her own experience of becoming a conscious cook as she sailed around the world with her husband and baby for two years. And how nutrition can create a strong mind, a healthy body, and lead to emotional resilience.

For more information, or to contact Michele please email or phone on 0403 606 225.

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