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It’s hard as a mum to get a great night sleep, however there are steps you can take to increase your chances of getting some beauty sleep!

Here are 7 ways to achieve better sleep:

1. Calm Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory treatments such as fish oil and turmeric are proven to assist in dampening down inflamed processes in the body. Chronic inflammation causes elevated cortisol, and agitation of the nervous system, which can lead to a disturbed sleep.

2. Embrace Magnesium

Nutritionists refer to magnesium as ‘the great calmer’. It is always best to get our vitamins and our minerals from whole foods such as green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts.

3. Go for Glutamine

This amino acid converts to the sleep promoting neurotransmitter GABA. Animal proteins represent one of the richest sources of glutamine. Good sources include dairy products like organic milk, unsweetened yogurt, ricotta cheese and cottage cheese as well as chicken, beef and fish.

4.  Do not Starve

Some people require a light snack before bed to promote better sleep. When you pair tryptophan-containing foods with carbohydrates, it may help calm the brain and allow you to sleep more deeply. For others, eating can lead to indigestion. Experiment with snacks like a half of turkey sandwich, a small bowl of muesli, or wholegrain cereal.

5.  Step away from the Stimulants

Both alcohol and caffeine can interfere with the quality of sleep you have. Alcohol may initially make you tired however many of us will wake and from the affects of alcohol and feel tired but wired.

6.  Reduce Liquids

After 6pm limit the water, juice, tea or other fluids you that may result in frequent toilet trips throughout the night. Caffeinated drinks, which act as diuretics, may lead to an unrestful night and a full bladder.

7.  Drink Alkalising Minerals

Potassium citrate is an alkalising mineral, which assists in calming the nervous systems. Our nervous system needs to be alkaline to initiate sleep.


Article written by Michele Chevalley Hedge for Mouths of Moms – original article here

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