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Poke me!!! The poke (poke-ay) bowl is the dish of the moment – full of healthy ingredients and great flavour. The possibilities are endless, just combine your favourite veg and protein, use the citrus & soy dressing, and top with our new furikake seasoning, containing crunchy sesame seeds, seaweed, salt, orange peel, chilli, sansho, and a little sugar (no msg!) For an extra chili hit, also use our shichimi togarashi blend.⁠

6 tbsp lemon juice⁠
6 tbsp light soy sauce⁠
4 tbsp lime juice⁠
2 tbsp soy sauce⁠
2 tsp sesame oil⁠
250g sashimi-grade tuna fillet, cut into 1cm dice⁠
250g (2 cups) cooked short grain brown rice⁠
1 carrot, grated or spiralised⁠
½ cup soybeans (shelled edamame)⁠
½ cup finely sliced red cabbage⁠
10 snow peas, finely sliced⁠
2 tbsp pickled ginger⁠
4 spring onions, finely sliced⁠
1-2 tsp Herbie’s Furikake Seasoning⁠

Combine dressing ingredients, then pour half over tuna dice and refrigerate for 10 minutes while preparing salad.⁠

To assemble the bowl, place rice on the bottom then top with vegetables; pour over the remaining dressing, then top with tuna, spring onions, and furikake. Serve immediately.⁠

Credit From Our Friends @herbies.⁠

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