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Sugar goes by a lot of different names, and that makes avoiding it particularly tricky. Not everything that contains sugar uses that specific word in the list of ingredients, so here’s a reference list of some alternative names for sugar that you may not recognize.

Agave nectar Fruit juice
Agave syrup Fruit juice concentrate
Barley malt Glucose
Beet sugar Glucose solids
Brown rice solids Golden sugar
Brown sugar Golden syrup
Buttered syrup Grape juice concentrate
Cane juice Grape sugar
Cane juice crystals High-fructose corn syrup
Cane sugar Honey
Carob syrup Invert sugar
Confectioner’s sugar Lactose
Corn sugar Malt
Corn sweetener Maltodextrin
Corn syrup Maltose
Corn syrup solids Maple syrup
Crystalized fructose Molasses
Date sugar Raw sugar
Dextran Refiner’s syrup
Dextrose Sorghum syrup
Diastatic malt Sucanat
Evaporated cane juice Sucrose
Fructose Turbinado sugar

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